Bookkeeping Services:

Allow Us to Handle Day-to-Day Sales and Expense Management

Accurate Record Keeping

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date general ledger which records all the financial transactions of the restaurant.

Accounts receivable management

Managing accounts receivable by recording, tracking invoices, and following up on collections.

Accounts payable management

Handling accounts payable functions, including recording purchases, processing vendor payments, and reconciling supplier statements.

Bank reconciliation

Reconciling bank statements with the general ledger to ensure accuracy in financial reporting.

Inventory management

Tracking inventory levels, monitoring usage patterns, and helping in optimizing inventory holding costs.

Expense tracking

Recording and tracking all business expenses to monitor costs and identify opportunities for savings.

Sales reporting

Preparing detailed sales reports, including breakdowns by menu items, times, and locations to help in decision-making.

Tip reporting and allocation

Managing tip reporting and allocation in compliance with tax and labor laws.

Credit card reconciliation

Reconciling credit card transactions and statements to ensure accurate reporting of sales and receipts.


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